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Wir verbinden MENSCHEN MIT


Wir betreiben Meetup-Gruppen für Innovations-Enthusiasten. Gestalten und hosten Startup-Event Formate. Helfen etablierten Unternehmen in der Verbindung mit der Startup-Szene und moderieren innovative Events unserer Freunde.


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What you don’t know is that you constantly get in contact with matching algorithms while using the internet.

Algorithms influence our behavior by recommending us who we should be friends with on social media, which movies we should watch, or what product we should buy. These lines of code are even used by companies to decide who to employ or who to give loan.

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AI is redesigning the healthcare sector and helps to make diagnoses, monitoring, and drug discovery faster and more precise.


Especially in these challenging times, AI can help us take effective measures and make data-based reasonable decisions on how to react. In this article, you will learn how AI works and how it helps to fight the global health crisis.

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